Wortsprachliche Bruchstücke zum Werk

..."My oeuvre is composed of three contrasting groups of work (I can only think and work in contrast), which ultimately complement each other and "mesh like gears"."

1) "Goldener Zyklus" - Golden Paintings:
Refers here to the "Golden Series," whose subject is the representation of something invisible - something that leaves behind an occurrence where it has been - which is perceived as an unsettling and uncertain feeling. These paintings are for me the abstraction and concentration of a convergence of emotion.

2) OPUS - the "line" in this opus is a pure expression of power, like a heavy gale or a surging tide.As an "Oberton" - "overtone" it alludes to objects (painted or real utilitarian objects) and liberates them from their attachment to the mythical. The line can refer as well to painting itself, posing the question of to what extent painting still carries a mythic burden.

3) In the figurative paintings, the path into the timeless dimension is through the constant consolidation of painting itself. This act of painting aims to expand the present into both, the future and the past, this enabling us to sense a lager continuum of time in the painting at hand.

© Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg