Our core nature demands that we fulfil our life-purpose.
The vision is the highest potential of our lives. Throughout my work, I have been using the crown to embody this idea. It is an ancient symbol which has been present all through mankind's history. It possesses, despite a plethora of mythical superpositions, a spiritual, primordial meaning, which I am trying to uncover. A meaning that reminds us constantly of our own purpose ? (as it lifts us upwards instead of levelling us downwards)
The single purpose of art is that it reminds us of our inner, highest potential ? of our vision; and it triggers a spiritual process.
The vision is the highest virtue in life; it represents true wealth -


The Third Crown? can be understood as the crown that dissolves into the whole world and, in many places, leaves a glow behind. That glow, our most inner glow, is intensified if not ignited by this crown (it is emitted into the whole world, to every place and every human).
This glow is a principle related to Eros, desires the "beautiful", and is connected to ethics.
This glow is a spiritual principle that cannot exist without love and abandons those who choose not to walk this path, as it cannot be used as an instrument of power.

©Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg
Wolfsbach, March 2015